Role of calcium chloride in water treatment

calcium chloride in water treatment

2021 is still a year affected by the epidemic, water is the basic guarantee of life, and water disinfection is the first priority. Not only drinking water, but also the treatment of industrial wastewater is the focus of water treatment. With the increasing environmental requirements of governments around the world, the discharge standard of industrial […]

Where can buy calcium chloride


Calcium chloride is a widely used chemical product. Because of its strong moisture absorption and high solubility, calcium chloride is a kind of chemical product. It is mainly used in chemical industry, mine, construction, smelting, food processing and medicine industry. In life, the cheese that must be eaten every day contains calcium chloride; when it […]

Calcium chloride in cheese

calcuim chloride food grade

The addition of calcium chloride in the cheese making process can significantly shorten the curd time and increase the strength of the gel, but excessive calcium chloride addition will increase the electrostatic repulsion between micelles and hinder the formation of gel. Calcium addition can significantly increase The soluble and insoluble calcium content in cow’s milk […]